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White Paper: Red Oak Compliance Software Helping IT Organizations Sleep Better at Night

Monday, January 21, 2019


As an IT leader, read the following narrative and see if it sounds familiar.

Recently, during a cross-functional project meeting, one of the top departmental executives submitted a project proposal to the group.  The executive said that they had been researching a new business application to fulfill the expanding goals of the department.  They further explained that they already had two demonstrations of the application, showed it to their users and that the departmental users absolutely loved the application.  They thought the application was extremely usable, would increase productivity, and increase quality while keeping departmental costs down.  The executive continued to say that they would like the rest of the organization’s stakeholders to perform some due diligence on the new proposed application with the hope that it would be chosen as the department’s new solution.

For the next week, you began to research the application to see how it matched up with your organization’s IT policies.  During that time, you heard through the grapevine that all the other organizational stakeholders were going to give their vote of approval for the application at the next project status meeting.  Unfortunately, during your investigation, you discovered a few issues in the vendor’s deployment, and data architecture which were either very unclear or placed squarely at odds with your organization’s IT policies.  As you completed your written assessment of the application, you felt disappointed and stressed because (yet again) your group was placed in a position where it would be forced to reject an application even though it met the needs of all other stakeholders in the organization because it could not address the needs of your corporate IT policies in a satisfactory way.

Sound Familiar? 

A frequent problem with enterprise application vendors is that many only focus on prioritizing features for their target departmental business users.  As a result, IT departments have to do a lot of heavy lifting in order to glean nuggets of information about the enterprise application which address their own concerns around IT policies.  Worse yet, IT organizations frequently come under huge pressure to give exceptions regarding their own policies and procedures in order to accommodate the increasing needs of departmental users.  If applications vendors solely emphasize the features and benefits they give to business users, IT owners are left without a clear line of sight towards what options a vendor offers for IT to help them mold the application to fit their own policies and practices.

From the very beginning, Red Oak Compliance Software has been dedicated to the proposition that we never merely have a single departmental group as a customer.  We have always worked hard to ensure that our software offers the features which satisfy not only the business end-users we serve, but also the other critical stakeholder groups within the entire organization – especially IT. Red Oak’s recent white paper was developed to give IT groups a view of the features and capabilities that Red Oak Compliance Software offers firms to lower risk, reduce costs, and ensure IT policy adherence.

The white paper below covers the following topics and more:

  • Security and Data Protection
  • Full Data Encryption, Isolation, Redundancy, and Network Protection
  • Industry Standard Vulnerability Testing and Certification
  • Elastic Architecture That Grows as You Grow
  • Departmental-Specific Configuration
  • Full End-User Support

Click here to read the full copy of this white paper.


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