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Disclosure Management

Leverage the power of AI to centralize and manage your firm's disclosures.

Disclosure Management and Intelligence

Leverages AI to streamline the disclosure review process and enables firms to centralize and effectively manage regulatory disclosures for faster approvals and greater efficiency in the compliance process.

Most clients agree that disclosures continue to be a pain point in the world of marketing and compliance reviews. For marketers and content creators, knowing what disclosures are needed and then finding the most up-to-date version in a timely manner can be a struggle. This often leads to disclosures being overlooked in a rush to get the piece off to Compliance for review. Compliance is challenged not only with ensuring that the proper disclosures are included as needed but also under pressure to review the content as quickly as possible so that marketing can get the piece out for distribution. In addition, Compliance must keep up with the need for disclosures to adapt and change in a timely manner. Centralize and effectively manage regulatory disclosures and experience faster approvals, fewer turnarounds, improved efficiency, and reduced regulatory risk.

In order for a disclosure module to be successful, it is our belief that the following areas of disclosure management should be addressed:

  • Single Source Library:  It needs to be the single, gold source library of disclosures that is accessible to marketing and content creators as well as compliance reviewers.
  • Incorporation at Creation:  In order to minimize delays and increase the speed to market of marketing materials, it is imperative that accurate and up-to-date disclosures are incorporated in the content at the time of creation.  It is also important that material not include unneeded disclosures.
  • Accuracy Prior to Distribution: Last but most importantly, it is crucial that the content is approved with the correct disclosures prior to distribution.

Revision - Disclosure Scan Report

Red Oak’s Disclosure Management and Intelligence addresses these areas and the challenges faced by so many others.

Disclosure Management is an enhancement to Red Oak Compliance’s flagship SaaS advertising compliance review software. Using intelligence, this enhancement enables firms to centralize and manage disclosures for faster approvals and greater efficiency in the compliance process.

It’s comprised of three key features:

    •   Disclosure Manager:

      Our base functionality consists of a centralized disclosure library and management tool serving as a single truth source for disclosures. The library component houses all disclosures and provides importing, exporting, versioning, usage instructions, language variations, and a full audit trail of updates/changes made to each disclosure. Submitters can easily access disclosure text and usage directions relevant to the type of material or product being submitted. The Disclosure Manager replaces the manual task of attempting to manage, distribute, and version disclosures with spreadsheets. The Disclosure Manager scans uploaded content for disclosures to identify current or outdated disclosures on the material to both the content submitter as well as the compliance reviewers, reducing time to market and risk to the firm.

        Disclosure Intelligence:

      Disclosure Intelligence builds on the Disclosure Manager functionality by allowing firms to create deterministic rules for identifying when a disclosure should be included on a piece. Disclosure Intelligence gives clients the ability to define further the required disclosures based on data such as text in the material, type of content, audience, and country. It identifies the list of disclosures that should be on a document and any extra disclosures on a document that may not be required based on these rules, improving both consistency and efficiency.

        Disclosure API:

      Disclosure API gives clients the ability to programmatically access Red Oak’s Disclosure Management functionality within their favorite content creation tool.

At Red Oak Compliance, we are committed to adding value for our clients by making the compliance review process as effective and efficient as possible. Our Disclosure Management and Intelligence module has been developed to not only solve for the storage and maintenance of disclosures but to take it to the next level by providing scanning, reporting, and possible integrations to help clients reduce risk, decrease review times, and increase the speed of distribution of marketing materials.

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