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Internet Supervision

Mitigate regulatory risks surrounding undisclosed online activity.

Our Internet Supervision module, formerly known as Eagle Eye from SiteQuest, uncovers and supervises your advisors’ online footprint. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Eagle Eye discovers social media accounts, websites, blogs, OBAs, DBAs, online profiles, and events that belong to or are about your advisors, allowing you to address issues prior to regulatory discovery or examination, reducing potential fines and loss of business.

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Feature Highlights

Eagle Eye is a first-of-its-kind application designed to help the financial industry easily and effectively supervise the web. It eliminates time-consuming, ineffective manual search processes with easy-to-use workflows and automated documentation. Eagle Eye’s flexibility allows you to closely monitor many advisors at various levels with relatively few employee hours. It reduces “failure to supervise” risks while demonstrating to regulators that your firm is actively supervising the web in compliance with FINRA and SEC Rules (FINRA Rules 2210, 3110, 3120, 3130, and 3270) and is WORM Compliant 17 3a Storage.

Many clients have reported that Eagle Eye cuts their workload by 80%.

Review Once Workflows

Eagle Eye only brings you new results that are worthy of your attention. Our easy-to-use workflows allow you to efficiently review dozens to hundreds of results in minutes while sharing findings across your organization. Eagle Eye can customize your workflows without incurring any additional charges or fees.

Risk-Based Reviews

Advisors vary in their level of web presence, with some having aggressive profiles on multiple sites while others have a moderate or non-existent presence. This creates a challenge for large firms that need to monitor a large number of advisors to manage the associated risks effectively. Eagle Eye allows you to customize your approach and address issues before regulatory discovery or examination.

Secretary of State Searches

Eagle Eye searches across all 50 states for corporate registrations associated with your advisors. These reviews are integrated into Eagle Eye’s workflow, allowing you to view findings across your organization.

Rules Engine

By controlling the content and actions that trigger workflow events, Eagle Eye’s Rules Engine empowers clients to customize critical reviews according to their internal processes. This enables clients to tailor their reviews to their specific needs.

Automated Documentation

Eagle Eye has everything you need, including when a result was found, who reviewed it, comments made, and time stamps of every action taken. From a regulatory point of view, with Eagle Eye you will have the full story of what content looked like at the time of review, giving you everything you need to respond to a regulator.

Relevant Results

Eagle Eye is equipped with advanced intelligence that effectively sifts through the clutter of the web, presenting only the most pertinent results for your consideration in an easy-to-read dashboard. With our dynamically designed algorithms and multi-query processes, you can expect search outcomes for you to review quickly.

Automatic Escalation Process

If a compliance issue is identified, our customizable workflow will initiate an automatic escalation process, ensuring it is promptly reviewed, tracked, and thoroughly documented until a resolution is achieved.

Bundling Technology​

Eagle Eye’s Bundling Technology can identify matching reviews throughout the system and consolidate them into a single review, resulting in increased efficiency throughout the process.


Eagle Eye gives you the ability to exclude sites or domains that aren’t relevant to your organization. With Exclusions, you can quickly cut through the clutter of the web and focus on the results that are truly important to your firm.


  • What is Eagle Eye Internet Supervision?

    Eagle Eye is a first of its kind application that is designed to help firms monitor their advisors’ web presence. Eagle Eye automates the processes it takes to meet the requirements set forth by NASD 3010, 3012 and FINRA 2201, 3270. Eagle Eye automatically searches, documents and reports on your web supervision responsibilities. This application works with your firm’s supervisors, helping to make sure that they have the tools they need to efficiently and effectively do their jobs.

  • Is Eagle Eye Expensive?

    Eagle Eye is a valuable application that will cost you less per monitored individual as compared with what your firm pays for other similar services such as email archiving, trade surveillance and so forth. Through our automated and efficient processes Eagle Eye will additionally save your supervisors valuable time. Contact us today for a price quote and you’ll be surprised that the price for “reasonable supervision” is truly reasonable.

  • Does Eagle Eye help my firm find an advisor/employee's social media accounts?

    Yes, one of the biggest benefits of the application is helping your firm find your advisor/employee’s social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, and more.

  • What else does Eagle Eye find?

    Eagle Eye scours the public web and finds things like:

    • Websites
    • Blogs
    • Social Media Accounts
    • Outside Business Activities
    • News Articles
    • Directory Listings
    • Campaign Contributions
    • Court/Legal Documents (published to the web)
    • Whois Records
    • YouTube Videos and More!
  • Do we need to manually add our individuals (monitored advisors/employees) to the system?

    No, the system is designed to allow simple and complex hierarchy imports as well as modifications to individual search data points within the system.​

  • Does Eagle Eye have lexicon or key word capabilities?

    Yes​, Eagle Eye allows you to create lexicons that are then added as additional searches are completed on your monitored individuals.

  • Can Eagle Eye handle simple and complex review structures?

    Absolutely! Eagle Eye has a concept called “review groups” which allows you to regionalize your reviews, assign individuals to multiple groups and set specific reviewers to oversee specific groups. Eagle Eye also supports escalation processes so that frontline reviewers can escalate issues to your legal department, compliance supervisors and so forth.

  • What reporting capabilities does Eagle Eye have?

    Eagle Eye’s automated reporting features will save you time and help ensure that your documentation shows the complete picture. With just a click, you will have everything you need including when a result was found, who reviewed it, comments that were made, and time stamps for every action taken on the account.

  • What data does my firm need to provide for Eagle Eye to effectively search the web for our advisors/employees?

    At a minimum, the system requires the individual’s first and last name, but it can handle much more including DBAs, OBAs, addresses, alternate names (nicknames), educational information, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. Eagle Eye can handle as many data points as your firm has available or is comfortable sharing.

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