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Website Monitoring and Archiving

Centralize your website monitoring and archiving processes.

​Our Website Monitoring module, formerly know as SQWatcher from SiteQuest, monitors and archives advisor websites that may be hosted by non-approved website providers. It creates historical records of these sites and generates workflow events based on specific types of changes, such as new pages, modifications to text or images, and other relevant parameters with customizable rules to meet your needs.

Other services that monitor and archive websites aren’t built specifically for the financial industry. Their one-size-fits-all approach often overwhelms compliance without having the comprehensive tools, workflows, and processes needed to effectively supervise these sites and meet supervision requirements.

SQWatcher reduces compliance and “failure to supervise” risks while demonstrating to regulators, your firm is actively supervising these unique websites in compliance with FINRA and SEC rules (FINRA Rule 2210, 3110, 3120, 3130, 4540, 4511 and SEC Act of 1934).

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Feature Highlights

​SQWatcher’s powerful and flexible “Rules Engine” controls what gets reviewed and what types of content and actions generate a workflow event. This allows you to customize the reviews most important to their organization and internal processes. You can monitor and archive websites, YouTube Channels, and Google My Business Accounts. These all appear within your customized dashboard for easy access.

Custom Workflows

SQWatcher allows clients to create simple to complex workflows to meet their unique and specialized requirements. You can specify the types of changes that generate in your workflows, such as new web pages, changes to text and images, Google My Business Reviews, YouTube uploads, comments, and more.

Escalation Reporting

If a compliance issue is discovered, our customizable case management feature can escalate it up the chain of command to be reviewed, tracked, and documented until they get resolved.

Rules Engine

By controlling the content and actions that trigger workflow events, SQWatcher’s Rules Engine empowers clients to customize critical reviews according to their internal processes. This enables clients to tailor their reviews to their specific needs.

Bundling Technology

Our Bundling Technology will bundle similar reviews and, coupled with our dynamic algorithms, search out and bring similar findings to your workflow.


SQWatcher keeps a complete inventory of each website with daily archives. This includes all internal resources such as web pages (HTML), images, documents, stylesheets (CSS), and more. You’ll know exactly what a website contained at any time in the past. This feature has search capabilities allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Bulk Reviews

Sometimes a single change to a website can affect every page, generating dozens or even hundreds of reviews. With SQWatcher, you have the option to review a single page and then clear all remaining reviews that are similar in nature. This powerful feature gives you the ability to review hundreds of changes in minutes, not hours.

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