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Why Red Oak?

Red Oak. Where compliance, expertise, and superior technology meet.

Our philosophy is based upon three founding principles: understand what our clients need, provide exceptional customer service, and deliver cost-effective solutions to address those needs. Red Oak prides itself on offering the highest quality compliance software solutions and expertise to help you meet your regulatory requirements.

Red Oak offers compliance software, support, and expertise that help you navigate the regulatory maze successfully!

Minimize Risk
Regulations change daily. Our software solutions keep your compliance program on track, allowing you to protect your firm’s reputation and reduce regulatory risk. Through automation and full transparency of processes, our software will help ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Our leadership team and Compliance Consultants monitor new regulatory proposals, interpret rules, and notify you of any new regulations and how they will affect your firm. Our team of experts understands how regulators view issues so that we can successfully address your needs. We are proactive so that you can feel comfortable knowing your firm and its reputation are being protected.

Relieve Burden
Building and executing an effective compliance program is tedious and requires specialized knowledge. Our secure, cloud-based technology results from years of collaboration between compliance professionals and technology architects, created to manage the entire compliance review process from start to finish.

Compliance and supervision are crucial components of an effective risk management program. But implementing and executing an adequate compliance and supervision program can be time-consuming and costly. Red Oak can help alleviate the burden placed on your firm with a level of compliance expertise that may not be readily available in your firm. Through intelligent software solutions and on-staff compliance experts, Red Oak enables you to focus on your business goals by relieving you of the burden of ensuring your compliance program and processes are efficient, effective, and timely.

Contain Costs
Configuration is a key feature of Red Oak’s software solutions. We provide your team the ability to configure (and reconfigure) workflows to fit your business rather than changing how your business works to fit the software. Workflows can be updated by line of business administrators at any time — without needing additional budget, without waiting for a vendor or internal IT, and without any risk of violating books and records compliance.

We can also help supplement your compliance staff when needed. Red Oak offers cost-efficient, high-level compliance expertise to fit your needs. We use the latest technologies to bring you solutions faster. Our compliance professionals have many years of compliance experience, so that we can do it better, faster, and more economically. Our goal is to provide your firm with cost-effective solutions, increased compliance efficiency, highly-responsive customer service, and experienced compliance professionals.

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