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Satisfied clients make compliance fun and rewarding for us.

Our clients have a lot to say…

Derrick Vermillion

Chief Compliance Officer

Impact Partnership

I love working with your team. They are always so responsive, helpful and insightful and make my experience with AdMaster first class. Please share this email with your organization and others. Thank you.

Taylor Roncancio

Roncancio Wealth Management

I have had the good fortune to have selected Red Oak Compliance as my compliance firm from the very start. They did everything from the advisory agreements to getting my firm registered. They will work with you from start to finish and provide excellent service. If you want things done right, go with Red Oak.

Steve Repak

Repak Financial Services

Randy Randall, Stephen Pope and Cathy Vasilev with Red Oak Compliance, thank you for your expertise and professionalism! It was a great pleasure working with you and I would not have been able to complete my book without your guidance, assistance and recommendations!

Mark Campbell

Saratoga Realty Investors LLC

Awesome!! Thanks You Guys So Much for setting up my RIA!!

Jim McGuire

Sierra Investment Partners, Inc.

Red Oak is highly responsive and the level of understanding and interpretation of Sierra’s needs is demonstrated time and time again. The end product, through our collaborative efforts, is always superb. I would recommend Red Oak for all your compliance needs!!

Neal Falkenberry

Autumn Wind Asset Management, LLC

We are very happy with the compliance work Red Oak provides us. We outsource as much as possible to Red Oak to keep us focused on managing money and the business. Always accessible and current of compliance topics an RIA and hedge fund faces on recurring basis.

Mike Bohnert

Walton International

I have been working with Red Oak’s AdMaster for almost a year now. I chose to use AdMaster because it is, in my mind, a superior product compared to their “mainstream” competitors. They were able to customize AdMaster to fit my BD and our structure. The best part about Red Oak is their customer service. It is truly unbelievable. There is nothing like emailing their support staff and getting a response immediately with a solution! Rather than waiting days for a return call/email. I know I can pick up the phone and call Cathy or Steve at any time. The unlimited document storage is great too!

Matt Weber

NV Capital Advisors LLC

Red Oak Compliance is quick and attentive to our needs and they have proven themselves to be in command of the nuances of RIA and securities regulation compliance for our fund. It’s the one area of my operation that I outsource and I have complete faith in their abilities.

Greg Eden

Fairfax Securities Corporation

The Red Oak staff was prompt and professional in responding to designated FINRA audit considerations. Their evaluation and preparation of materials for submittal to FINRA was timely and persuasive.

Susan O’Reilly

Konnect Wealth and Health, LLC

As a representative with over 25 years of experience in the industry I considered drafting and filing my own registration documents. The smartest decision I made for my new RIA was to outsource that responsibility to Red Oak Compliance Solutions. They got my approval quickly and efficiently—even working after hours—saving me a lot of time which ultimately saved me money. Their work was superior—they didn’t just meet my expectations they exceeded them. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services.

Chris Koulouris

Amerivet Securities

Red Oak is very competent. I have been an advisor for over 12 years and the documents your firm prepared allow me to compete with other potential advisors of high net-worth individuals.

Linda Saunders

Saunders Retirement Advisors, Inc.

Cathy and the staff at Red Oak have helped us with a wide range of compliance issues. Knowing we can turn to Red Oak takes some of the load off our shoulders.

Christine Blair

King Ridge Asset Management

I can’t imagine trying to do this any other way. I am so glad I went with you.

Lauri Friel

Director of Compliance

CNL Securities Corp.

We are very pleased with our decision to use AdMaster.   With AdMaster our Compliance team does not need to involve our IT team for tasks such as: creating spreadsheets linking to the bulk export of documents, administration of users, customizing data entry fields and drop down fields.  I highly recommend AdMaster given my experience and their high quality of service.

Don Ames


Ames Capital Management

Red Oak Compliance handles my compliance requirements and they are terrific!

Justin Howell

Founding Member

The Gathering

We chose Red Oak Compliance because they are small nimble crew who have a lot of experience with startups.

Brandon Krieg

Founding Member

Stash Invest

Just wanted to say thank you!

Emanuel Romero

Chief Compliance Officer

Futurity First Insurance Group

You guys rock!

Monica L. Young

Compliance & Suitability Department

Partners Advantage

AdMaster really makes it easy to share, edit, update, and store documents for Compliance purposes and it’s made my job much easier to manage everyone.

Corey Gamble

Chief Compliance Officer

Hansen McClain

Thanks for everything. AdMaster has been one of the best software experiences I’ve had in a long time.

Tom Kennedy

Advertising Compliance Executive Director

Waddell & Reed and Ivey Funds

I can’t tell you how pleased I am! AdMaster has made my job so much easier!