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AdMaster Compliance™

Leverage Technology to Simplify the Advertising Review Process

Your team will leverage secure web-based technology to submit and review marketing material using our state-of-the-art software, AdMaster.

Relieve Burden.

Manage the risk to your firm instead of the submission process. Automated tracking and record-keeping gives representatives, analysts, and management visibility into the process. Eliminate the faxes, emails, spreadsheets, and need for paper with SEC Rule 17(a)-4 compliance.

Improve Efficiency.

AdMaster allows your organization to reduce costs, save time, and increase efficiencies in your advertising review process.

AdMaster Integrates Infogram

We understand that Compliance does not operate in a vacuum. AdMaster works seamlessly with all of the internal departments and external entities you must engage to be fully compliant. It turns many moving parts into a well-oiled machine.

Where compliance, expertise, and superior technology meet.

AdMaster is the result of years of collaboration between compliance advertising professionals and technology architects to create a web-based application capable of managing your entire advertising compliance review process.

AdMaster is designed to work the way you need it to.

Let AdMaster give you a holistic view of your advertising review processes and personnel today.

AdMaster is the technological answer to all your advertising review needs.

It is an online submission, review, and approval software application. With AdMaster, you can track the history of any submission from start to finish. Nothing will fall through the cracks, and you have full transparency at all times.


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