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Red Oak Acquires SiteQuest Compliance

Driving Unparalleled Process Efficiency and Effectiveness, While Mitigating Regulatory Risk
Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Red Oak is excited to announce our recent acquisition of SiteQuest Compliance, a respected compliance monitoring and website surveillance software firm. This acquisition is another step towards Red Oak’s goal of creating a compelling compliance suite for the financial services and insurance industries, focusing on quality customer support and superior products to the alternatives on the market. With SiteQuest, we can offer you automated internet supervision, website monitoring and archiving, policies, and WSP management. Having more under the trusted Red Oak umbrella helps us offer you a more encompassing compliance platform to manage and mitigate risk.

What Does SiteQuest Bring to Red Oak?

Along with a great team and years of financial service experience, SiteQuest brings three quality products to Red Oak that help compliance teams and financial organizations better reduce risk and save time.

Eagle Eye

SiteQuest’s Eagle Eye product provides internet supervision for companies. You can uncover and supervise your advisors’ online footprint. Using AI and machine learning, Eagle Eye discovers social media accounts, websites, blogs, OBAs, DBAs, online profiles, and events that belong to or are about your advisors, allowing you to address issues prior to regulatory discovery or examination, reducing potential fines and loss of business.


SQWatcher provides website monitoring and archiving of your advisors’ websites that may be hosted by non-approved website providers. It creates historical records of these sites and generates workflow events based on specific types of changes, such as new pages, modifications to text or images, and other relevant parameters with customizable rules to meet your needs.


Policies help reduce risk and lower costs associated with managing policies and WSPs. You can replace time-consuming manual processes associated with internal policy management and improve policy presentations, version control, and usability.

What Does This Mean Going Forward?

As we bring SiteQuest into a more complete Red Oak suite, there is plenty you can expect. The first and most exciting thing for us is that our Red Oak team is expanding with the addition of those from SiteQuest. For you, this means expanded support across all areas of our business, from Sales to Implementation to Development and more. SiteQuest’s culture compliments Red Oak’s values of customer centricity, integrity, and respect, so we expect the transition to be seamless and beneficial to both us and our clients.

The other major thing you can expect with the SiteQuest acquisition is a push toward a complete compliance suite. In the coming months, we plan to work toward starting to integrate SiteQuest’s products into our already robust and innovative Red Oak solution. This provides an even more comprehensive solution for streamlining your processes, minimizing your regulatory risks, and reducing exposure to fines.

How Can You Learn More?

If you’re a current or prospective client as excited about this acquisition as we are, we’d love to share more about SiteQuest’s products and the expanding Red Oak suite. You can reach out to us at Discover@RedOakCompliance.com or schedule a demo. We’re excited for the future and can’t wait to see what’s next.

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