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ADV Updates Template

Monday, October 3, 2016

Recently we wrote a blog regarding the SEC Amendments to Form ADV. In the blog, we touched on the ADV changes regarding Separately Managed Accounts, Private Fund Adviser Entities, and Clarifying, Technical and Other Amendments to Form ADV.

Recently, the SEC released a “redlined” version of Form ADV. The “redlined” form is intended to be used as an educational tool that will help users identify the form amendments adopted by the SEC on August 25, 2016. The changes will go into effect October 2017.

A few of the updates you will notice on the form are the following:

  • Added amendments to Form ADV that relate to separately managed accounts. The amendments require advisers to provide certain aggregate information about separately managed accounts that they advise.
  • Added amendments to Form ADV that enable the form to register multiple private fund adviser entities (umbrella registration).
  • Added Clarifying, Technical, and Other Amendments to Form ADV

The “redlined” Form ADV can be found by accessing the following link – ADV Part 1A Mark-Up.

If you have questions regarding a specific update to the form, more detailed and additional information is available through SEC Release No. IA-4509; File No. S7-09-15.

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