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Faster Approvals, Fewer Touches, Books & Records


35% Faster Approvals

With the help of Red Oak’s senior team, your workflows are designed for maximum efficiency while helping to minimize risk.

High risk material will typically go through workflows designed to ensure material is thoroughly vetted by your A-Team; with as many subject matter experts involved and incremental approvals given as needed. Reviews will often happen in parallel to speed the process with your policies and procedures baked into the behavior settings and rules to eliminate errors, reduce manual intervention, and prevent bottlenecks. The net result is material gets approved for use in less time.

Low risk material, such as pitch-decks with non-material changes, can go through workflows designed to give automatic approvals without human intervention – making it immediately available for use while assuring full books and records compliance — it doesn’t get any faster than this. In many cases, the material can be submitted electronically from your sales enablement software, (which is designed to prevent material changes). Alternatively, the material can be uploaded manually, and the salesperson presented with an attestation of their adherence to the firm’s policy for non-material changes. Regardless of how the material is submitted, Red Oak’s software automatically approves the material, makes a copy of it stamped with an approval code, and sends a link to download the stamped copy for immediate use. Note that firms that use automatic approvals should have a training program and a post-use sample audit program as part of their policies and procedures.

Transparency, tracking, notifications, escalations, lexicon scanning, reporting, and best practice guidance from Red Oak all have a positive impact on approval times. Imagine how good it is when a rush request is truly a rush, and easily handled, and not simply the result of your submitters frustration with what has become your “normal”.

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