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Faster Approvals, Fewer Touches, Books & Records Compliant


35% Faster Approvals, 70% Fewer Touches, 100% Books and Records Compliant

With the help of Red Oak’s compliance software, you can experience better efficiency in your processes, effectiveness of reviews, and reduced regulatory risk. Our advertising review clients typically see 35% faster approvals and 70% fewer touches or better.

Advertising Review

Automation of processes benefits you, your compliance team, and your firm with increased productivity, standardized tasks, and simplification overall simplification of compliance processes and the ability to mitigate your compliance risks. Our configurable workflows are designed to fit your business rather than changing how your business works to fit the software. Easily configure as many workflows as you want, asking different user-defined questions, having different steps, different behavior settings, and/or going to different groups of users or having different statuses.

Transparency, tracking, notifications, escalations, lexicon scanning, the intelligent application of approved disclosures, reporting, and best practice guidance from Red Oak positively impact advertising and marketing approval times. Imagine how good it is when a rush request is truly a rush and easily handled and not simply the result of your submitter’s frustration with what has become your “normal.”

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Smart ReviewSM Disclosure Management

At Red Oak Compliance, we understand the challenges that disclosures present for clients. We are committed to adding value for our clients by making the compliance review process as effective and efficient as possible. The Smart Review module has been developed to solve the storage and maintenance of disclosures and take it to the next level by providing scanning, reporting, and possible integrations to help clients reduce risk, decrease review times, and increase the speed of distribution of marketing materials.

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Licensing and Registration Management

Red Oak’s Registration Management software automates the licensing and registration management process with a centralized tracking system for representatives’ and agents’ credentials and registration deadlines that is 100% books and records compliant.

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Complaint Management

What are you doing to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of customer complaints? Current regulations require firms to report complaint handling quarterly and maintain records for several years. Red Oak’s complaint management software suite includes complaint tracking management to track, maintain, resolve, and report critical complaint information.

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At Red Oak, we understand that Compliance does not operate in a vacuum. Our teams work seamlessly with all the internal departments and external entities you must engage to be fully compliant. It turns many moving parts into a well-oiled machine.

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